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Current Members

Mason Manint

Mason is a small town kid, who’s high school is smaller in numbers than the Marching Illini. Mason graduate in Spring of 2018 as double major in Jazz Studies and Music Education. His  goals include playing with a world premiere jazz ensemble or teaching jazz collegiately. His primary job was to make dog whistle-esque noises on the trumpet as well as take burning solos, just like his buddy Wayne Bergeron. Mason actually got to play a duet with Wayne in New Orleans during his stint as lead trumpet in the 1898 Jazz Orchestra, which is a jazz ensemble comprised of members of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Outside of Sixth Street, Mason performed with the Marching Illini, the Fighting Illini Basketball Band, and many other jazz groups in Champaign-Urbana. You can also find him eating a bologna sandwich after a chess match.

Ben Bernecker

Ben is captain of chill here at 6th Street. Well, except for the one time he tried to change our name to "Irish Rainbow Horse". We thought about it, but it seemed better for a profile photo caption than a band name.


Joseph Kim

Joseph is happy to stack our section of trumpets AND doubles on vocals from time to time! He is one of the few band members not born in the corn, and hails from Northern Virginia. He hopes that he can play like Chet Baker someday, minus the missing teeth and tragic life. Outside of Sixth Street, you can catch Joseph daylighting as a huge nerd (grad student), working for the U of I Bands, or making vanilla lattes with oatmilk for sorority girls as a barista. 

Nathan Adler

Nathan “Natty” Adler is a junior in computer engineering, which he hopes qualifies him to be a high school band director, but he has a hunch that he may be in the wrong major. He, like many bass trombonists, looks up to George Roberts, but decided to get a second trigger so as to keep up with the times. His favorite tune to play is anything where he can get away with dropping an octave or 2, and if he ever has bubbles on his lips, it's because his mouthpiece is the size of a bathtub. You can catch Naty performing with the Marching Illini, and every so often with one of the jazz or concert bands.

Kate DeMonica

Kate is a junior in Music Education, which will hopefully provide enough credentials to take Guy Fieri’s job, though if for some reason that doesn't work out, high school band directing it is. If she could be any musician, it would be JJ Johnson or anyone in Snarky Puppy. Laying claim to hugging Wynton Marsalis after performing at Lincoln Center, Kate is the master of mediocre puns and is therefore limited to minimal mic usage during gigs. After listening to her throw down some meaty licks on her favorite tune “Brooklyn”, you may be surprised to learn that her primary instrument is actually classical Euphonium. Outside of Sixth Street, you can catch Kate performing with the UI Wind Symphony, UI Basketball Band, and the Marching Illini.

Austin Coe

Austin Coe is a natural euphonium player, but after listening to Wycliffe Gordon and Andre Romelle Young (Dr. Dre), he decided playing trombone with 6th Street was the way to go. His dream job is to be a Broadway Pit Orchestra director, but if that doesn't work out, he can always be a hair model. You can catch him playing in various U of I ensembles including Baskeball Band, Wind Orchestra, and The Marching Illini. He has too many nicknames including, but not limited to, Pook, Pookie, Austin (Boston) Cream Pie, FBI, CoCo, and Hot CoCoe. His favorite non horn-band genres are hip hop and rap, and his favorite tune to play is 3am Bounce. Also if you come to a gig, you'll see that hip thrusting is his forte.

Zach Schmitt
Alto/Bari Saxophone
Nick Ortiz
Tenor Saxophone

Nick Ortiz is an up and coming Justin Klunk (saxophonist for Ariana Grande). His favorite 6th Street cover is Youngblood Brass Band's "Killing Me Softly". He spends his time researching whether or not Mayonnaise is in fact an instrument, and has met Bruce Rauner, which led him to not be interested in politics or filibusters after that meeting.

Zack Schmitt is a jazz musician at heart, and has recently been listening to a lot of Cannonball Adderly. He doubles on alto and bari saxes for 6th Street, and when asked about his favorite tune to play, he says "VIP is pretty damn great", but we're gonna throw Danza and Buyo into the mix on his behalf. Just don't expect him to have colorful hair, and wear fur in the NYC subway

Kayleigh Markulis
Mark Larock
Drum Set

Mark Larock is working his way toward becoming a financial consultant, but in the mean time is drumming for 6th Street. His musical inspiration is Larnell Lewis, and his favorite tunes to play are VIP and Crazy in Love. Mark is one of three triplets, as he has a brother and sister his age, but no one in the band has yet to meet them, so there is no verification here.

Marching Band? Clarinet? Singing? Our new vocalist does it all! In addition to being an avid animal lover (she has 9 pets!!), a Mac & Cheese connoisseur, and an on-command belcher, Kayleigh can be found jamming to our tunes anywhere.  Her favorite tune to sing on is "Brass Scene Kids". She was previously one of the Band's biggest fans, and is really excited to strut her stuff with us!

Korrey Frichtl

Korrey is a local of Champaign-Urbana (Shampoo Banana) and has been with Sixth Street since 2014. He is well known for the noises that come from his horn, both musical and otherwise. Korrey is well versed in multiple genres, as well as multiple instruments. Korrey has held the Principal Tuba position with the Illinois Wind Symphony, and has been seen playing tuba with the UI Symphony Orchestra, the Danville Symphony, and many chamber ensembles. He spent the summer of 2015 performing with the Disneyland All-American College Band in Anaheim, California. During this time, he probably consumed more In n Out burgers than any person should in a lifetime. Korrey is also proficient on trombone, bass trombone, and trumpet, which you may see come out at a gig or two. His favorite tunes to play with Sixth Street is Strasbourg/St. Denis and Brass Scene Kids. For more info on Korrey, check out

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